Miche Bag Caramel Color Shells in Petite, Classic & Demi Sizes

Caramel is one of our favorite go-to colors for warm weather. The combination of vanilla ice cream and gooey caramel topping isn’t just for tickling your taste buds—this summer you’ll want to blend the two colors in your wardrobe too.

Try these delicious ideas to create your own eye candy:
1. Top a pair of colorful sandals with creamy white jeans and a cropped caramel top or blazer.
2. Slip into a cool white dress with a caramel belt.
3. Dress up casual denim with a tortoiseshell sunglasses and a handbag in caramel and white.
4. Start with a caramel leather skirt, add a pretty white shirt and top it off with a sparkling multi-strand necklace in pale turquoise and purple.

Yolanda Petite Shell ~ Brette Classic Shell ~ Kaye Demi Shell

Go to Unique Stylish Purses to see all the current Miche products and shells available.

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