The Miche Starter Kit For just $149!

Who wouldn't love to Party for a living?

You get everything you need to start your Miche business—beautifully! 

Your kit includes a Base Bag in our three most popular sizes: 
Classic, Demi and Prima, with one chic magnetic Shell for each. 

You also get our most-requested handle set along with a sturdy Carry-All Tote to help you carry your Party display conveniently and with style. 

Don’t forget those all-important business materials: the latest catalogues, brochures, sales slips and more we’ve got you covered. 

And it gets even BETTER! 
As a new Representative, you get the exclusive opportunity to add even more fashion to your Starter Kit by placing a one-time-order for other available items at a very stylish 50% off! Want to add more Shells, jewelry, specialty bags or accessories? This is your chance to really make your kit unique to YOU, and add to your own personal collection too. 

Like what you see? 
I’d love to have you Join my Team!

Basic Starter Kit Includes

• Starter Kit Welcome Letter (1)      • Spring Catalogue (2014) (12)
• True Blue Catalogue Insert (12)     • Showcase Brochure (15)
• Invitation Postcards (25)                 • Hostess Party Planner (2 packs of 3)
• Representative Party Planner          • Miche Shopping Bags (5)
(2 packs of 3)
• Miche Shopping Bags (5)               • Party Plan Order Forms (50)
• Demi Base Bag (black)                   • Classic Base Bag (black)
• Prima Base Bag (black)                  • Classic Shell (Marcy)
• Classic Shell (Rebekah)                  • Prima Shell (Honor)
• Demi Shell (Mimi)                            • 13.5” Straps (black)
• Chain Set (silver)                             • Carry-All Tote
• MyMiche Personal Website Annual Fee (for 1 Year)

Got Questions? 
Email me at

Go to Unique Stylish Purses to see all the current Miche products and shells available.

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