Miche's 2014 Accessories

1. Soft Wallet (violet) matches the Tristan Demi Shell
2. Wallet (red snake) matches the Dabney Colletion
3. Phone Wallet (chartreuse) matches the Callie Collection
4. Handles (chartreuse) matches the Callie Collection
5. 16.75" Straps (taupe) matches the Gizell Collection
6. Madeline Scarf, matches the Kacy and  Callie Colletion
7. Melinda Scarf, matches the Melinda Collection
8. Madeline iPhone 5/5s Case, S4 Case Madeline Shell
9. Melinda S4 Phone Case, S4 Case Melinda Collection
Go to Unique Stylish Purses to see all the current Miche products and shells available.

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